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Sunshine Coast Disc Golf Club lives to throw frisbees and hear those chains rattle! 

Though the roots of the club go way back, the current incarnation of the club has worked from 2014 to bring the fun, camaraderie, and competition of Disc Golf to the Sunshine Coast



SCDGC has three goals: to grow the profile of the sport and its local player-base; to advocate for the installation of Disc Golf facilities on the Sunshine Coast for players to enjoy; and to run high quality events which attract players from far and wide. 

We think we've done pretty well so far - we've partnered with Sunshine Coast Council to install the Sunshine Coast's first permanent Disc Golf course at Meridan Downs and had more than 250 different players join us for Social League days and enjoy the course. We partnered with Tunnel Ridge Ranch to create the Sunshine Coast Open tournament - it's seen 300% growth in player registrations over the four years it has run, receiving rave reviews from player who love the experience of an "event" tournament with food, accommodation, and extra-curriculars available on site. 

It's not stopping there though. SCDGC has used the funds raised from Bunning's BBQs, fundraising merch, and Government support to invest in playing equipment which has been lent out to schools, camps, and disability support services, creating a pipeline for locals to discover this amazing sport.  

So grab your plastic, get on board, and join us as we do great things for the game in the best place in the world to play it!


It's taken the work of dozens of dedicated players to get SCDGC to where we are, and we wouldn't have it any other way. The strength of our club is how we all pitch in and see everyone enjoy the rewards. 


 The current leadership team is honoured to have the opportunity to oversee the club and seek out new opportunities to grow the game on the Sunshine Coast.

Patrick Ferris Jr.
Club Event Coordinator
Adam Lowe
Club Event Coordinator
Jeremy Oates
Club Event Coordinator


Even though we're a not-for-profit organisation a lot of the things we do require a thinner form of plastic that we don't throw around on the course.


The players are our life-blood so we always try to keep our league days as cheap as we can. With merch - sure it's always super-cool and we could probably price it whatever we want, but it's also free advertising for us. So we keep it as cheap as we can and when we're marking it up a little to fund a project we let players know exactly what the profits of our shirts/coolers/stickers are buying for them.

SCDGC has worked hard to secure grant funding and guidance, mentorship really, from the Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland State Government through their programs to support community and sports groups. We couldn't have achieved what we have without them so if you enjoy the courses and events shoot them an email and let them know. 

The club is also incredibly grateful to Bunnings Maroochydore for giving us the time of day before just about anyone else did, and letting us raise funds by running their BBQs. The first Sunshine Coast Open was almost entirely funded by what we made there one sweaty January day, which got the ball rolling on so many things. 

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